Important things to remember for your modelling session.


**3 tips below should be done 24 hours prior to a photoshoot



  • Exfoliate!! All over but focusing on areas that dry easy like knees, elbows and LIPS.


  • Moisturise!! All over especially face, knees and elbows.


  • Waxing!! make sure waxing, shaving, plucking is done (list does not apply to all - legs,arms,eyebrows, lip, bikini line etc)




  • Make sure your nails and toenails are a neutral colour unless otherwise discussed.


  • Clear eyes is your friend, if your eyes are red a couple of drops will fix them.


  • As much as a fake tan looks good it is really hard to edit so myslef as a photographer would prefer if you didnt have one.


  • Please make sure all bandaids are removed and there are no elastics around your wrists.


  • Try not to wear any tight clothing or bras that are likely to leave marks on your skin, this includes watches, jewellery and sunglasses on your face also.


  • Wash your hair 24 hours prior to shoot.


  • Don't start using any new makeup or skincare products, they could lead to a breakout.


  • Keep out of the sun, it dries your skin and leaves tan-lines.  


  • When coming to a shoot you should always be prepared especially for change, so please make sure you have available nude/black underwear,

       strapless bra, SHOES (a couple if possible).


  • Feel free to  bring jewellery, props etc that you think will match the brief.


  • Before going into a shoot you will be fairly familiar with what is going to be required, if there is something your not comfortable with please notify your photographer prior to avoid any awkward situations.


  • Be prepared so if its cold bring along a dressing gown, dont forget water and snacks.


These are just suggestions, but to get the most out of your shoot are a minimum for models of all experience.