Important things to remember for your newborn session.


  • The best time to have a newborn shoot is the first 10 days as bubs is flexible and sleepy which helps with poses that we get bubs into.


  • Book your shoot around your baby’s feeding and nap times, work with the routine of your baby.


  • The perfect time to shoot is right when the baby would be laying down for a nap. If your baby normally falls asleep after feeding, wait to feed the baby until you’re at the shoot.


  • Your session will take approx 2 hours depending on how bubs is with sleep. Try to avoid booking anything afterwards just incase we run late.


  • If you have siblings that will be attending please make sure you have a responsible adult to look after them, your main focus will be on bubs.


  • Bring along spare nappies and wipes, dummy, binky and change of clothes.


  • Bring a rattle and babies first or favourite toy.


  • If you have an ultrasound photo bring that along.


  • Bring any hats, shoes, toys or props that you wish bubs to be photographed with.


  • Make sure you give bubs a massage with a lotion to avoid any dry skin.


  • Try and keep bubs awake as much as possible prior to the session as we want him/her as sleepy as possible.


  • Do not put bubs in anything tight or elasticised as it will leave marks and they will show up in the photographs.


  • If possible have bubs wearing nappies without any prints if you can't avoid this that is fine we will work around it.


  • Mum have your hair and makeup done as usual if you wish to be included in some of the shots.


  • Mums if you have one bring a nude coloured strapless bra or boob tube as we have material to drape around you to  make it look like a strapless dress.


  • These images of having your baby held up to your shoulder can be gorgeous.


  • Mum and Dad please wear dark coloured pants and top (block colour) and bring along a lighter block coloured shirt (not white).