Having lost her mum at a young age Katrina knows the value that photos hold, the smile of a loved one has the ability to warm hearts for generations, and thats why she loves capturing those moments for others as Katrina truely understand how important memories are.


Katrina is a professional internationally published Illawarra photographer, she has spent the last six years embracing her craft and has enjoyed obtaining accreditation and being mentored by fellow photographers and developing through seminars and workshops within the industry. Her hunger for success is backed by the support of her family and friends, which makes her determined to be recognised within the creative realm of the photography world. Katrina has had the honour of working with numerous companies within Australia and has had her work featured in a number of magazines both nationally and internationally.



Photography is Katrina's passion and she would like to share it with you. Let Katrina Forster Photography make your day a memory never forgotten.