Important things to remember for your portrait session.




  • Woman are best to wear a 3/4 length shirt as it is the most flattering.


  • If you are wearing jewellery, keep it to a minimum.


  • If your having a haircut have it 2 weeks prior to session.


  • Bring an elastic and bobby pins for long hair incase you  need to put it up.


  • For red eyes use visine.


  • Bring along lip gloss or lip stick as it is likely to have worn off by the time you get to the shoot. To keep your lips nice and soft use a lip balm for a couple of days before hand.


  • Make sure your makeup matches your skin tone, nothing worse than looking orange in your photos.


  • Men make sure you are cleanly shaven.


  • Moisturise to avoid dry flaky skin.


  • Make sure you have a neutral nail polish or no nail polish.


  • Keep bra straps hidden or buy transparent straps.


  • Try not to get sunburnt the day before the shoot.


  • For clothes that crinkle easily,iron and bring to the shoot and change on location.


  • Make sure shoes are clean.




  • Clean Clean Clean, clean nails, hair, faces, noses, teeth. Bring along some wipes for mishaps on location.


  • Make sure nappies are tucked away.


  • Make sure kids sleep if needed before the session.


  • Bribes are good aslong as they are not sticky or stain teeth or faces.


  • Avoid drinks, lollies, foods that can stain lips and teeth 24 hours prior to session.


  • Girls can't go wrong with cute dresses, rompers, shirt and short pairs.


  • Boys, jeans/shorts and a button up shirt or a tshirt with a button up over the top.


  • Siblings dont have to match  just no loud prints or colours, we dont want to take the attention away from their darling faces and smiles.


  • Be careful with spray tans, make sure they are even and the correct colour, some can photograph orange.